Mohammad Al Faraj‘s (Saudi Arabia) practice is inventive, spiritual, and allegorical, brought to life through his poetic language. He uses various techniques, including video, sound, photography, installation, painting, and writing, adapting his creative process to each context. Often integrating found objects into his works, he breathes new life into them. As a storyteller, he navigates the space between traditional and contemporary, fiction and nonfiction, organic and inorganic. Growing up in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, a palm tree oasis and oil source, and with a background in engineering, AlFaraj’s work is a cinematic collage of mediums, practices, and ideas.

During his second residency at Delfina, Mohammad will research and explore the performative aspects of daily life in the Gulf region, particularly in Saudi Arabia. He will investigate how these practices, from Al Daha, a war dance in northern Saudi Arabia, to Al Mizmar, an African dance in the Hijaz, and Al Aza, the poetic mourning of Muslim Shias in the east, serve as collective ways to experience, express and adapt.

Mohammad is represented by Athr gallery in Saudi Arabia, and Mennour gallery in Paris. His work has been shown at the Saudi film festival, Saudi art council, Sharjah art foundation, ArtJameel, and Lyon Biennale.

Mohammad was born in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia where he is still based.


Saudi Visual Arts Commission

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