In Conversation: Kyriaki Goni

On interspecies networks, affinities and affective infrastructures


A note from our Director

How we are adapting in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Open studios series: Future Rituals

Open studios series: Future Rituals

07/04/2020 — 12/05/2020
Open Studio

Life of a Craphead: Life of Life of a Craphead

On navigating life and community as working artists

Residency Project

Zian Chen: An open letter to these strange times

Encounters with the apology as a “technology of the self”

Residency Project

Paul Setúbal: A Country Tale

A true story of land expropriation and the struggles for territorial control

Residency Project

Vibeke Mascini: Infra

Contemplating the British Library’s ‘silent’ recording of a blue whale

Residency Project

Petros Moris: Future Bestiary (Kerameikos)

Exploring subterranean memory and the construct of the future

Residency Project

Delfina Daily

A daily dose of artistic practice


Delfina Presents: Sheila Chukwulozie

Exploring the relationship between the post-colonial body, Catholicism, and sonic history


Studio Visit: Life of a Craphead

On a duo whose friendly yet subversive humour ingeniously confronts colonial pasts and presents


58th Venice Biennale: Performances

Watch highlights from the closing weekend


Politics of Food

Our recent book with Sternberg Press


Family lunch: Home Delivery #1

Our tradition of Family Lunch continues, but now freshly delivered to your digital device

Family Lunch

From Our Archive

Delfina Presents: Alice Shintani

Presenting her installation inspired by the famous tiles of Brazilian artist Athos Bulcão


Moonjung Hwang: Simulated residency

Transferring memories

Residency Project