Cocina CoLaboratorio

London: 19/09/2022 — 18/12/2022

L. Sasha Gora

London: 12/09/2022 — 09/10/2022

Open call with Tate for Brooks International Fellowship Programme

Open call for artists from Pakistan

Open call for curators based in Central and Eastern Europe

Delfina Presents: Yina Jiménez Suriel

Investigating emancipation and imagination


Collectors in Conversation: Benedicta M. Badia Nordenstahl

On collecting as a political exercise


A Day with: Erin Li

An insight into the life of a resident: from homemade bread to performance art histories


Studio Visit: Trevor Yeung

The world’s slowest-growing cactus and other stories


Dolphin Head Mountain

Outcome of Harun Morrison’s residency on show at Horniman Museum

From Our Archive

Politics of Food

Our 2019 book, published with Sternberg Press


Delfina Presents: Marta Fernández Calvo

Uncovering and celebrating food histories and their legacies