Studio Visit: Leandro Pesantes

Re-enchanting a world in crisis


Daniel de la Barra

London: 04/01/2023 — 30/03/2023

Sumi Kanazawa

London: 05/01/2023 — 19/02/2023

Delfina Presents: Derek Tumala

On climate, mutation and rice


Qamar al-Din

The Politics of Food: A podcast | Episode three


David Blandy: Gathering Storm

A collaborative world-building game – an outcome of research into colonial agricultural policies and legacies

Residency Project

Cherry Truluck: Malt, an oat flour macaron

A recipe from our UK associate artist

Residency Project

Delfina Presents: Tina Barouti

Reflecting on her research and learning in Tate’s curatorial department


Delfina Presents: Javier Villa

Curating as storytelling