Resident’s Room: Zoe Diao

Zoe shares some snapshots of her room at Delfina, offering an insight into her residency and fellowship


Viviana Checchia joins the Delfina Team

Delfina Foundation appoints new Residency Curator

Open call for the Asymmetry Curatorial Fellowship at Whitechapel Gallery

Delfina Presents: Shiraz Bayjoo

On colonisation, landscapes and living collections


Digital Restitution and its Discontents

The co-founders of Open Restitution Africa interrogate the issues surrounding the digitalisation of collections


Delfina Presents: Rado Ištok

Considering heritage, collections and what artefacts in Slovakia might reveal about the country itself


Petros Moris

London: 10/01/2022 — 30/01/2022

Flávio Cerqueira

London: 05/01/2022 — 27/03/2022

The Breakup

Michael Rakowitz, Arsalan Mohammad and Sarona Abuaker on “thinking with The Beatles”


Studio Visit: Fehras Publishing Practices

On the collective transforming dry and incomplete archives into generative and speculative stories


Resident’s Room: Priyanka D’Souza

Our artist-in-residence introduces her practice, interests and current experimentations


Staple: What’s on your plate?

Exhibition at Jeddah’s new Hayy Jameel creative complex, co-curated with Delfina Foundation

Delfina Presents: Gala Porras-Kim

Considering the lives of historical objects within institutions


Presenting: Khairani Barokka

UK associate artist 2021


From Our Archive

In Conversation: Anna Ridler and Gary Zhexi Zhang

Our past and present UK associate artists discuss markets, uncertainty, cryptos and climate change


Delfina Presents: Vivian Caccuri

Considering the sound of mosquitos in a social, historical, and political context