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Open call for UK and Pakistan-based artists

Residencies in Lahore and London

Open call for Peruvian artists

In Residence

Our current residents

Delfina Presents: Carolina Laia Jozami

Immaterial potentiality


Venice Biennale 2024

Over a dozen Delfina alumni in and around the 60th edition

Delfina Presents: Takuya Watanabe

People and plants: Habitats and habitus


Moussaka and the Politics of Spices

Conversations on food, nation, and identity


Studio Visit: Lêna Bùi

A theory of circular flow


In Conversation: Didem Erbaş

Material matrix


Celebrating 10 Years as the UK’s largest artist residency

Marking a decade since our major renovation and expansion

An art space of global significance

Art Basel Stories covers our legacy and new chapter

Hana Pera Aoake

London: 02/04/2024 — 23/06/2024

Pamela Cevallos

London: 02/04/2024 — 23/06/2024

Giana De Dier

London: 07/05/2024 — 30/06/2024

From our archive

Studio Visit: Trevor Yeung

The world’s slowest-growing cactus and other stories


Delfina Presents: Matterlurgy

Discussing air pollution and using virtual reality to tell its stories