The Delfina Sessions

New monthly show on Radio Alhara

Anna Ridler and Rosalie Yu: Research things

Explore an evolving portal of investigations and reflections on data

Residency Project

🎄 Family Lunch: Home Delivery 🎄

A festive-season special edition of our family lunch! Featuring recipes and a presentation by artist duo Cooking Sections

Family Lunch

Empire Remains: Christmas Pudding

Artist duo Cooking Sections trace the imperial and postcolonial food systems behind this ‘gastronomic paradox’


Sonya Dyer: ‘HFO: An Occasional Podcast’

The pilot episode of our UK associate artist’s forthcoming series

Residency Project

Studio Visit: Sonya Dyer

On a practice centring Black female subjectivities and offering a Black futurity


Worldmaking Practices: A Take on the Future

How can contemporary art from Latin America help us foster a collective re-imagining of the future?


In Conversation: Anna Ridler and Gary Zhexi Zhang

Our past and present UK associate artists discuss markets, uncertainty, cryptos and climate change


In Residence

Check out our upcoming residents

Resident’s Room: Anna Ridler

A sneak peak into our current UK associate artist’s London studio


Resident’s Room: Rut Karin Zettergren

The artist shows us the tools and research she’s using to make a work investigating technology and dreams


Resident’s Room: Manauara Clandestina

“I often felt like a lonely princess. Now that has changed a lot”


Aaron Cezar selected for the 2021 Turner Prize Jury

The Delfina Director is among the judges for the next edition of the preeminent British art prize

Petros Moris: Future Bestiary (Kerameikos)

Exploring subterranean memory and the construct of the future

Residency Project

Delfina Presents: Sheila Chukwulozie

Exploring the relationship between the post-colonial body, Catholicism, and sonic history


Delfina Presents: Moe Satt

The performance artist discusses his work focusing on hand movement and gestures


58th Venice Biennale: Performances

Watch highlights from the closing weekend


In Conversation: Collector Bernardo Faria

In partnership with Ocula Magazine


From Our Archive

Delfina Presents: Matterlurgy

Discussing air pollution and using virtual reality to tell its stories


Delfina Presents: Maxwell Alexandre

On painting, the divine, and the city of Rio