Date: Wednesday, 22 January 2014
Times: 16:00 – Dumpling-making workshop
19:00 – Performance-lecture, tea, conversation, and dumpling tasting
Venue:  Delfina Foundation
Suggested donations:  Towards workshop: £10
Towards lecture & tasting: £5
Both activities: £12

To complement the exhibition and residencies that form part of The Politics of Food, Delfina Foundation hosts Uncontrolled Denominations with guest artist Leone Contini.

Guest artist Leone Contini makes art that plumbs the ironies and predicaments of Prato, Tuscany — one of the most stereotyped environs in contemporary Europe — where one-fifth of the population are factory workers from Zhejiang, China. These Chinese migrants have transformed local agriculture amid precarious conditions, de-controlling — and revitalizing — the idea of Tuscany. Contini will present recent work on displacement, transcultural horticulture, and imagining communities, as well as emblematic foodstuffs: Carmignano Jiaozi, an Italian ravioli with Chinese fillings, Hundred Flowers Tea, a Florentine Maoist concoction from the 1960s, and Pang Da Hai, a restorative tea favored by Zhejiangese in Prato. Discussant: Michael C. Vazquez.