The Politics Of Food. Exhibition at Delfina Foundation. Installation view, 2014. Photo Tim Bowditch.

Dates: 20 January – 27 February 2014
Times: Monday – Saturday, 11:00 – 18:00
Venue: Delfina Foundation
Events: Please click here for more information

As part of with Delfina Foundation’s new seasonal theme on The Politics of Food, we present a group exhibition featuring Abbas Akhavan, Gayle Chong Kwan, Leone ContiniCandice Lin,  Asunción Molinos Gordo, Senam Okudzeto, Jae Yong Rhee, Zineb Sedira, Tadasu Takamine, and Raed Yassin.

From F. T. Marinetti’s Manifesto of Futurist Cookery to Gordon Matta Clark’s conceptual restaurant to Michael Rakowitz’s Enemy Kitchen, artists have often employed food within their creative process and practice. In recent years, a host of cultural practitioners has been interrogating relationships between food and environmental, economic and social concerns, as well as notions of cooking and eating as performative acts and of dishes, recipes, and cookbooks as oft-contested markers of cultural memory.

The Politics of Food will explore an array of artistic strategies, both past and present, that address the history, politics, and ethics of food production, consumption, distribution and display. The group exhibition is a constallation of works that attempt to untangle complex histories and question current issues, from globalisation to excess waste.  This first serving of art, food and politics introduces some of the issues and ideas that will be further researched through residencies and complemented by events.

More information will be announced soon including a range of events and meals.

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Special thanks

  • Barrak Alzaid
  • Mehves Ariburnu
  • Paloma Penniman
  • Nicola Gates
  • galerie kamel mennour
  • Taymour Grahne
  • The JamJar
  • Mayssa Jaroudi

Installation images