Emma Smith, Terratorium, 2016-2018. Produced in collaboration with Family Estate Mayr, Unterganzner. Commissioned by BAU, Italy. Photo Daniel Mazza.

Date:  Weds, 19 June 2019
Time:  19:00
Venue:  Delfina Foundation
Tickets:  £10
Booking via Eventbrite essential

Delfina Foundation is pleased to host a special tasting event of Terratorium, a handcrafted wine created by the artist Emma Smith in collaboration with the Family Estate Mayr Unterganzner in Bolzano, Italy, commissioned by BAU, Italy.

Wine making extracts the taste of its terrain. As a process of distilling the essence of a place, it could be argued to be more authentic than any other form of origination. The vine grows from the earth of its origin in which its roots are literally dug deep. Through the project Terratorium the artist reveals how even in this most direct origination each element in the process of the wine’s creation is ultimately connected to elsewhere and on a journey: international mobility and relations are implicit in the local.

During the tasting the artist and a sommelier will take guests on a journey through time and space drawing connections across the globe. Terratorium is made using the Lagrein variety, autochthonous to the place where it has been harvested and processed by hand and matured in local oak at the Mayr Unterganzner family estate in Cardano, Bolzano, Alto Adige Südtirol, Italy.

Terratorium was matured for two years (2016-2018) and bottled (250 bottles) using the traditional practice of the ‘fiaschi’ from Montelupo Fiorentino in Tuscany; it is presented to the public as a limited edition artwork. After the tasting guests will have the opportunity to order Terratorium at the price of £100 per edition (bottle).

This event is part of Delfina Foundation’s fourth season of the thematic programme The Politics of Food. Subtitled Adapting, this latest iteration investigates ideas responding to the changing environment of food production.

Artist Biography

Emma Smith is a UK-based visual artist. She has a social practice and creates public platforms for experimentation, research and action through site-specific events and installations. Smith’s work tests the boundaries of human connectivity: relationships, communications, sense of place and entanglement. Her work looks in particular at hidden forms of connectivity: the intimate, the transient, the subconscious, and the invisible. Smith’s process is research and production based and often involves the bringing together of multi-disciplinary teams including collaborations with academics, professionals and hobbyists and drawing on the fields of anthropology, history, psychology, neurology, physics, and biology. Through this co-research process her work results in published findings as well as new artwork, unearthing forgotten histories and proposing new futures.

Previous exhibitions and performances include Tate Modern, Barbican, Whitechapel, Bluecoat, Whitworth, ICA and Arnolfini, with international projects across the globe. Smith was UK Associate at Delfina Foundation in 2016.

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