Date:  Tuesday, 02/06/15
Time:  18:30
Venue:  Delfina Foundation

Reading by UK Associate Navine G Khan-Dossos followed by a conversation with Aaron Cezar, Director of Delfina Foundation.

Who Ate Marina Warner? is a text based on the 1994 BBC Reith Lecture series, Managing Monsters by Marina Warner. In the penultimate installment, Cannibal Tales: The Hunger for Conquest, Warner discusses the place of cannibalism in mythologies in diverse contexts, from The Tempest to Hannibal Lecter. She links the fantasy of cannibalism to narratives of conquest, as well as exploring how the imagery of consuming the body speaks of longing and fear, identity, the past and the unknowable future.

For the purpose of this project, Marina’s voice, ensconced deep in the BBC archives, has been revived and replayed through a computer program that aims to return it to a textual form. Khan-Dossos sees this process as a cannibalisation of knowledge, a regurgitation of sorts, in which the computer is an extension of man, taking part in the process of consumption of the self and others.

This event is produced as part of the second season of The Politics of Food: Sex, Diet & Disaster.