Date: Friday, 14 March 2014, 18.00
Venue: Delfina Foundation

To complement the exhibition and residencies that form part of The Politics of Food, Delfina Foundation will be hosting a series of events including lunchtime talks and dinner discussions; performances around cooking and eating; film and video screenings; and ‘Food Fights’, a series of cooking contests and debates between leading art world professionals.

The Delfina Foundation’s very first scientist-in-residence presents an overview of the cascading effects of climate change on food production — and the effects of food production on climate change.

Global Agronomy — the science and technology of using plants for food, feed, fibre, and fuel — attempts to model the present and future of agriculture at a planetary scale, with special concern for environmental impacts and food security.


Tamara Ben Ari, research scientist at the Institute for Agronomic Research in Paris, will discuss the global agronomic perspective on crops, livestock, and climate change, as well as the perils that often arise when quantitative research is used to justify public policy

Supported by

Arts Council England