Nader Koochaki, Exhibition as Editing Excercise. Photo Nader Koochaki.

Date: 5 December 2016
Time:  18:00 – 20:00. Talk at 18:30.
Venue: Delfina Foundation
Tickets: Free. No RSVP required.

Join us for the launch of a new publication by Nader Koochaki, the accompaniment to his recent exhibition Exhibition as Editing Exercise at Sofia Contemporary Gallery. The launch will include a panel discussion with Nader Koochaki, Mika Savela, and Fereshte Moosavi.

We might agree that a publication can be as much of a display of artistic inquiry than an exhibition. Yet, the lines of work leading to both cases may also be carried out separately, perhaps resulting also in a different sense of completion. How might these established formats of representation be rethought as methodologies for research or dissemination, as ways of curating, collaborating, editing, communicating, or simply, looking ahead?

Situated in the context of urban Tehran, Exhibition as Editing Exercise by Nader Koochaki, has been a special project created for the Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize (MOP CAP) 2015 Winner’s Exhibition. Resulting from an ongoing process of photography, travels, collecting, writing and discussions, this publication gathers for display the editorial yield of the eponymous exhibition, shown in November 2016 in London.

For the publication launch, the year-long process and collaboration will be discussed and presented through the accounts from the artist Nader Koochaki, the project’s curator Mika Savela, as well as curator Fereshte Moosavi from the MOP Foundation.