Azadeh Fatehrad, Departure, 2015.

Date:  Wednesday, 16 December 2015
Time:   14:00 – 19:30

The notions of revolution, war and migration are perceived differently by the different generations, and this is reflected in their collective stories. Events like these naturally mean different things to different people, as family members are forced to adjust to new conditions and adapt to new people in the new landscape of migration.

‘Politics of the Domestic’ is inspired by the recent publication of Swedish poet Athena Farrokhzad (born 1983 in Tehran) titled Vitsvit’ (White Blight) translated by Jennifer Hayashida, which is centred round a family who migrate to Gothenburh after the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Vitsvit’ (White Blight)expresses a collective vision of grandmother, father/mother, and brother/sister towards the prevailing social concerns in post-revolutionary Iran and the challenges they face in their new adopted city of Gothenburg.

This programme, Politics of the Domestic, is part of a research project by Azadeh Fatehrad (Royal College of Art) in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden and Delfina Foundation, designed to unfold the socio-political issues arising from Vitsvit’ (White Blight). The seminar aims to stimulate further discussion around the topic of migration and its resonance today. Ending the programme is a book launch to celebrate the first English translation of Athena Farrokhzad’s work.

Speakers including Nikolaus Perneczky from University of Goldsmiths and Dr. Nina Mangalanayagam from the University of Westminsteras well as David Crawforth, Artistic Director at Beaconsfield.

The programme has been developed by Azadeh Fatehrad, PhD candidate at the Royal College of Artand Ellen Wettmark, Counsellor for Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Sweden.