Keg de Souza, details of handmade inflatable architecture, 2014.

Date: 10 May 2014
Time: 13:00
Venue: Delfina Foundation

As part of The Public Domain’s Open Studio programme Keg de Souza’s handmade inflatable will become a temporary space for questioning, later deflating to leave only an experience. Guests are invited to picnic and discuss ideas of community through the themes of architecture and food, with Keg mapping elements of the conversation directly onto the floor. A starting point for the discussion is the ephemerality of the event itself – perhaps the only remnants that will be left behind are an intertwining of disconnected dialogues, mapped together with dirty dishes, crumbs and more questions posed. After the meal is eaten and the structure deflates, the temporary community is also dispersed.

The picnic will run over the course of three-hours with participants dropping in throughout this time (depending on capacity).  There will be no timed sittings and participants can leave at will. Part of the nature of the event is that the group changes over time.

Keg de Souza is an Australian inter-disciplinary artist working with mediums such as inflatable architecture, drawing and dialogical projects to explore the politics of space. This investigation of spatial politics is influenced by her formal training in architecture and experiences of radical spaces through squatting and organising. Keg’s work emphasises participation, reciprocity and often involves the process of learning skills and fostering new relationships to create site and situation-specific projects.

Event supporters

Australia Council for the ArtsNational Association for the Visual Arts and our family of individual supporters