Dates:  Two date options are available. The same workshop will be run on both dates:

  • 18:00-19:00 GMT – Thurs, 19 Nov 2020
  • 14:00-15:00 GMT – Sat, 21 Nov 2020
Venue:  Zoom
Booking:  This event is now fully subscribed. We still have spaces on the waiting list, incase of cancellations. Please see below for how to join.

Join our current science_technology_society resident Rosalie Yu for an online collaborative workshop. Participants will learn to knit together images of their homes into 3D models – with time, space, and emotions considered as the “yarn” in this alternative “knitting club”.


Run by artist Rosalie Yu, the Photographic Knitting Club is a series of virtual photogrammetry workshops which use devices people have at home. Participants will learn how to reconstruct their spaces into three-dimensional digital scans, while reflecting on the relationships they have with these spaces.

After comparing similar points in hundreds of photographs, photogrammetry software is able to calculate the original capture position, angles, and sequence in space. By using this, spaces can be visualised, and how we move in relation to our space can be mapped – perhaps revealing some specific knowledge which belongs only to the person inhabiting it.

The name “Photographic Knitting Club” connotes pleasure in the company of others, communal support, and making something by hand from start to finish. The production of reconstructed 3D models will not be the primary focus of this workshop, but rather tactile, material, philosophical reflections on the mechanics of 3D scanning, considering the reframing of digitising tools as digital crafts and exploring new modes of data visualisation through the lens of Data Feminism.

Read more about the Photographic Knitting Club, and see the outcomes of previous iterations here.


The one-hour workshop will take place and be recorded over Zoom.

At the end of the workshop participants will be invited to share their photo captures with Rosalie, from which she will produce individual data portraits and 3D models (example here) of the recorded spaces. These will be shared with the group alongside a detailed technical tutorial document on photogrammetry, produced by the artist herself.

The activities and captures from the workshop will also eventually contribute towards an e-zine produced by the artist (and in which all workshop participants will be acknowledged).


Due to the limited spaces available, we ask those who wish to join one of these workshops to email (subject line: Photographic Knitting Club) with a few sentences about yourself, why you wish to attend, and if you have worked with 3D digitising tools before.

The event is open to all and no prior knowledge or experience is required, only an interest in the subject and activities of the workshop itself.

In your email please indicate which of the two available dates you wish to join (18:00, 19 Nov or 14:00, 21 Nov 2020), or if you have no preference and can join either.

Places will be confirmed via email at least a week prior to the event, including further information on how to join the Zoom call.


Rosalie Yu is an artist and researcher based in New York and Taipei, and currently in-residence at Delfina Foundation. Her research explores the practice of reciprocity, shared intimacy, and looks at how cross-cultural concepts shape our understanding of them. She facilitates participatory experiences like workshops and classes, and translates the results into artefacts, installations, immersive experiences, and tutorial-essays using emerging phototechnics.


These workshops are part of Delfina Foundation’s science technology society programme, in partnership with Gaia Art Foundation.

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