Date: Tuesday, 3 March 2015
Time: 18:30 – 20:00
Location: Delfina Foundation

Resident artists Jean-Paul KellyAlvaro UgarteOscar Santillan and Bona Park, together with UK associates Alex Baczynski-Jenkins and Young In Hong present extracts of their research and completed works. Engaging with the philosophical doctrine of mentalism, which claims that physical objects are nothing but sensations or perceptions these works reveal, “Mind is all that is”.

Jean-Paul Kelly renders subjective recollections and experiences of public court hearings of white collar crimes. The work is composed of abstract observations and memories which are re-performed from language to sketches and found images.

The choreography, sound and broken words in Young In Hong‘s documentation of the performance at Fig-2, In Her Dream expresses the mental states of desires, tension, violence and isolation experienced in the everyday lives of women.

The video work Untitled (Between) #1 & #2 by Bona Park shows a French magician in North Korea performing invisible tricks in a second language.

With Your Own Personal Piece, Alvaro Ugarte invites members of the audience to become both the actors and creators of an imaginative performance. When artworks and performative acts become nothing more than perceived sensations or mental things, do they truly exist?

The Mentalists also features interventions and gestures on the same theme by Alex Baczynski-Jenkins and Oscar Santillan.

This event is part of Performance as Process and is proposed by curator Yasmina Reggad.

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Arts Council England