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Date:  Thursday, 9 December 2021
Location:  Zoom
Time:  13:00-14:00 GMT
Tickets:  Free. Register here.
Access information:  Please refer to this page

Join artist and writer Khairani Barokka for a lunchtime presentation of her current project Regna, which explores decolonisation, disability, and visual cultures.

Regna, the Latin word for ‘kingdom’, is a series of digital collages and interlinked creative nonfiction book that Khairani is developing during her time as a UK associate artist at Delfina Foundation. Exploring decolonisation, disability, and visual cultures, the project is a response to artefacts from the Indonesian archipelago that can be found in the UK, including art stolen during the 1811-1816 British interregnum rule of Indonesia. Leading out from this Khairani will share her research into how the UK and Indonesia ‘collect’ today, through the exploitation inherent in colonial capitalism.

Image description

From the British Museum website: “Wayang Krucil Gilig, part (arm) of a three-dimensional puppet of the character Menak Koncar. The puppet is made of wood, fibre, pigment, and gold leaf. It is painted, gilded, and carved. The figure is a high-ranking male wearing a headdress, jewellery, a belt, kris dagger, and an elaborate skirt-cloth and trousers. It stands on a base from which a rod would once have protruded, but this was cut off at an unknown date.” The arms of this 18th century wayang from Solo are also cut off.

Collecting as Practice

This event is part of the public programme of Delfina Foundation’s Collecting as Practice autumn season 2021.

With UK associate Khairani Barokka