Courtesy Ismael Iglesias

Dates: 20 September – 17 October 2008
Venue: Delfina Foundation

Ismael Iglesias blends the achievements of traditional pictorial avant-gardism with the computer screens’ opaque luminescence. In his practice, Ismael takes elements of graphic and digital design to create textures and screens, which, installed in the exhibition room, question the boundaries of architecture and of the paintings themselves. Whilst deriving from Ismael’s systematic search within the newest technology, and assimilating elements of VJing and popular culture, the intention is to comprehend the articulation – and speed of fragmented images, as well as their relation to the exhibition space.

Using elements of painting, video and installation, Wallscreen/Dreamland, Ismael’s first solo exhibition in London, is a disorienting experience, an exploration of the possibility of a New World based on the classic geometries of computer art and pictorial modernism.


Ismael Iglesias was born in 1974 in Durango, Spain. He has won numerous prizes in Spain, and has exhibited his work at ARCO – Madrid, Artium Museum, Vitoria and Galeria ADN– Barcelona. He currently lives and works in Bilbao, Spain.