Image capture from a dream visualisation in VR. Courtesy Rut Karin Zettergren.

Date:  Sat, 12 Dec 2020
Time:  14:00 – 15:00 GMT
Venue:  Zoom
Tickets:  Free
Booking:  Fully booked

Join our current science_technology_society resident Rut Karin Zettergren for a workshop, considering dreams, and the affect and influence of technology and contemporary society on them.


We spend almost a third of our life sleeping and dreaming, yet in contemporary western society sleeping is often reduced to a function for productivity during waking hours. Through sharing and visualising dreams together, artist Rut Karin proposes that we may be able to identify patterns which reveal something about the present-day society in which we live, allowing us to collectively consider our present and envision the future.

This workshop will begin with an introduction by Rut Karin to the research she is pursuing whilst in-residence at Delfina Foundation, looking at the relationship between dreamt and virtual reality. This research considers how current technologies shape our dreams, how we can visualise dreams both by remembering them and through recording them technologically, and capitalist approaches to sleep.

To introduce the practical part of the event, Rut Karin will provide examples of dream visualisation in art and dream sharing practices, after which each participant will be asked to share a recent dream with the group. To facilitate this, prior to the workshop, participants are asked to pay close attention to their own dreams and to use a dream diary to keep a record of them – giving special attention to what role technology plays in them and how it might effect their structure or content.

Following this the group will make visualisations of their dreams, through drawing, collage, paint, photo, clay or any other materials, which will then be shared with the group, and reflections invited on these as well as on the process of paying attention to dreams and sharing them in a group

After the workshop, participants will be invited to share a photo of their dream visualisation with Rut Karin. The artist will collect these and then bring them together into a single digital image which will be shared with the group as a memento. 


Due to the limited spaces available, we ask those who wish to join this workshop to email (subject line: Dreaming the Technological) with a few sentences about yourself, why you wish to attend.

The event is open to all and no prior knowledge or experience is required, only an interest in the subject and activities of the workshop itself.

Places will be confirmed via email at least a week prior to the event, including further information on keeping the dream diary and how to join the Zoom call.


Rut Karin Zettergren’s (Sweden) work often begins as an investigation into historical events or speculations about the future. In recent years, she has been influenced by theories and histories around techno and cyborg feminism, science fiction and the construction of modernity. Her works take the form of drawings, performances, video, spatial installations or online presentations. She often works in collaboration with other artists as 0s+1s Collective and Whyte & Zettergren.


These workshops are part of Delfina Foundation’s science technology society programme, in partnership with Gaia Art Foundation.

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