Date:  Thursday, 28 May 2015
Time:  19.00 – 21:30
Location:  Delfina Foundation

What is the taste of power?
What are the food politics of diplomatic dinners?
How and what do we eat in times of crisis?

Resident artist Dagna Jakubowska investigates the power of food and food-sharing rituals in diplomatic events. She hosts a special performative dinner that recreates and critiques dishes served during the Yalta Conference.

Guests are invited to sample dishes from reconstructed historical menus based on the recipes and dishes served to and by the decision makers at Yalta. The evening gives the audience a taste of power and shows how such historial political events and their aftermath continue to influence us to this day.

In collaboration with: Ryan Bromley, Wojciech Gurtiakow and chef Dariusz Dazza Zając.

This event is part of our second season of The Politics of Food: Sex, Diet & Disaster.