Yhuri Cruz, The horse is the rising - Monument to Osala and to the Workers, public performance, 2019. Photo Jessica Senra

Date:  Wednesday, 29 November 2023
Time:  18:30 – 21:30
Location:  OFF-SITE
Young Space
85-87 Southgate Road,
De Beauvoir Town – Hackney
N1 3JS
Access information:  As this is an offsite event, if you have any specific access requirements please email events@delfinafoundation.com or call 0207 233 5344.

Our autumn residents present an evening of performances, screenings, and installations.

This season our residencies bring together artists whose practices particularly engage with performance, as part of our periodic theme Performance as Process.

Presented off-site, in partnership with and across Young Space, join us to experience new, existing, and in-development works, which creatively reimagine the relationships between performers, audience, and space.


Aseng Borang
11.65 kilograms of …
installation and performance
A chronology involving human errors, baggage, bureaucracy, clothing, protection, tracking numbers, flights, poetry, friendship, grief, process, identity, displacement, closures, cold, migration, an art foundation, an artist residency, one artist, two curators, two countries, two cities, and one town.

Aseng Borang
I am Ahmong and I am a Piece of Land
text installation
In this piece of writing, we hear a piece of land speak. Between us, humans who make decisions on behalf of the land, what does the land have to say, and why does it matter?

Lêna Bui
Root People and the Circle Line
Meandering thoughts from one afternoon on circles, cemeteries, cucumbers and people physically growing roots into the ground.

Michele Chu
into tears, into salt
participatory performance
A mourning ritual centred around the medium of the mouth, where memories, sound, and taste meld and resonate.
Supporting sound artist: Maria Grigoriu.

Yhuri Cruz
Blackphagy – The Plot (21’)
video screening
Following the rejection of a scene of submission, in its wake, in disorder, a series of lost bodies and wandering ancestors are lit by a spark which burns ever stronger and shines on the dark surround, the precipice, your new and emptied body, and all who composed you before your implosion. Through all this you begin to move as if someone calls you. Someone from the healthy, living, Black core. All your mouths gaping with hunger, you encounter yourself… You hear: “Hey, I am you. Eat me, Black body.”

Amiko Li
The Singing Glass
three-part participatory performance
One day out of nowhere, some people began to discover their glass singing. A performative installation in which participants interact with props, clues, and stories, gradually as gamers and supporting actors, to delve into this fictional documentary.
Performers: Loic Pincemin, Serkan Avlik, and Theo Douchand-Poynder.  

Jazgul Madazimova
I Sing Your Tale
performative installation
A performative installation with humming, mourning rituals of lamentation and rebirth, inspired by menstrual discharge and the interstellar clouds – nebulae.
“I refuse to lament. I will instead hum a lullaby song. I will hum the songs about the future as you drift off to meet no time and space. I will join the wait of nebula as I send you back to the stars, back to the womb. I will greet your sleep with a soothing melody. I sing not of sorrow, but of cosmic grace. I will hum your essence, your eternal”.
Performers: Jazgul Madazimova & Madina Joldybek

Silvia Martes
The Revolutions That Did (Not) Happen (27’)
video screening
With this surrealist science-fiction story set in the year 2085, Silvia Martes presents an associative collage of different – sometimes absurdist – scenes that are intuitively woven together. The video work is situated in an era when political and societal structures have collapsed as a result of wars, pandemics and natural disasters.

Jared Onyango
Objects on Top of the Table
performative installation
A performative installation where light transforms still objects into an illusory cityscape. Shadows of shapes cut, folded, squeezed and twisted plastics are animated beyond humble scales, spontaneously remixing their own time, space and stories.

Chris Penty Alvarez
audio-visual performance
Exploring the idea of seeking resolution to inherited emotional pain through repeated actions and sounds. He will use amplified cassette loops, VHS projections, and will read text.

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Performances, screenings, and installations from our residents


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