Date:  Tuesday, 8 June 2021
Time:  From 13:00 Bethlehem time (11:00 BST)
Length approx 2hr 30min
Location:  Radio Alhara (online)

For the June edition of Delfina Foundation’s monthly broadcast on Radio AlHara (The Delfina Sessions), our current UK associate Harun Morrison offers a durational recording of the collaborative event Artworkers Reading Palestinian Poetry, which takes place on Friday 4 June at Eastside Projects, Birmingham.

An act of solidarity with Palestine, the live event – organised by Harun together with artist-curator Yas Lime – invites artworkers in Birmingham to recite Palestinian poetry at Eastside Projects over the afternoon. On the day itself, the recitals will be amplified to passers-by on the street through external speakers.

A recording made of the day’s readings will be broadcast the following Tuesday (8 June 2021) from Bethlehem as part of Radio Alhara’s Sonic Liberation Front.

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