Courtesy Shirin Sabahi.

Artist Talk: Tuesday, 25 September 2011
Time: 19:00 – 20:00
Location:  Delfina Foundation

Iranian artist Shirin Sabahi will be in conversation with independent curator Gabriela Salgado about her practice and her new exhibition Tomorrow Another City at Saatchi Gallery, which is presented during Frieze Art Fair Week as part of the Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize.

Sabahi was the winner of MOP CAP 2011 and in addition to the solo show, she was awarded a residency at Delfina Foundation.

For her first solo exhibition in UK, Sabahi presents a new series of works made out of, and about, obsessive attempts at making a film, solving a mathematical problem and speculating a love affair. These seemingly unrelated fragments come together in a spare but evocative manifestation of the artist’s growing interest in the ways in which artefacts are fabricated. The exhibition gathers activities stuck in an infinite present, a cycle where communication is disrupted, doubt is looped and the scheduled time passes without ever coming to an end. A total of four works in the exhibition includes a film installation, a series of drawings, a flipbook and film stills. The works are the result of tasks that are either predetermined or unknown, yet one wouldn’t reach the finale if not through assigning oneself to an exhaustive and repetitive search, which may or may not be futile.

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