Azin Feizabadi, Physical Principles for the Choice of Red, Green & Blue, 2013. Site specific installation on the rooftop of art space Beirut, Cairo-Agouza.

Date: Saturday, 10 May 2014
Time: 17:00
Venue: Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
Tickets: £5. Booking now closed.

A COLLECTIVE MEMORY: POETICS, POLITICS & LOVE LETTERS a performance-lecture that incorporates visual and textual material from the artist’s research archive A COLLECTIVE MEMORY (2009-ongoing) coinciding with Azin Feizabadi‘s residency at Delfina Foundation as part of The Public Domain. Moving between fact and fiction, poetics and politics, his project aims to map transitional moments in recent history.

The events starting point is a sixty second moving image projection by the Lumière brothers, featuring workers exiting the Lumière factory, which was witnessed by hundreds of the French bourgeois in 1895. By examining two other incidents that occurred over a century later the events become linked.

A COLLECTIVE MEMORY: POETICS, POLITICS & LOVE LETTERS is about time travel, projection, and translation; it is about psychological uprisings from inner realities into outer expressions, and the potentials lying in transitional gaps in-between private spaces and public platforms.

For this program Azin Feizabadi has compiled a series of short films and video works to accompany his lecture:

  • Heba Amin, I’m the Son of the Nile, 2011, colour, sound, 2 min 45 sec (EG) from Project Speak2Tweet
  • Mosireen Collective, .mov and .avi files from Mosireen Archive, 2011, colour, sound, ca. 4 min, (EG)
  • Kaya Behkalam, Excursions in the Dark, 2011, colour, sound, 20 min (DE/EG)
  • Bani Khoshnoudi, Paradoxes of Time: Studies in Memory #1, 2012, colour, sound, 7 min, (IR/FR)
  • Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer, Unnamed Sound Sculpture, 2012, colour, sound, 5 min, (DE)
  • Maha Mamoun, 2026, 2010, colour, sound, 9 min, (EG)
  • Abbas Kiarostmai, First Case, Second Case, 1979-1982, colour, sound, 45 min, (IR)

Duration: 115 min

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The artists and filmmakers for contributing their works to the programme.