Victoria Scott, Journey Tree - 3D Study, 2018

Date:  Weds, 11 Dec 2019
Time:  18:30 – 21:30
Venue:  Delfina Foundation
Booking:  Please see below for details

Join Delfina resident Victoria Scott and curator and writer Michelle Kasprzak for a conversation and introduction to explore practices of Shamanism, digital technologies and VR (Virtual Reality) as similar portals into alternative immersive environments.

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices, and still widely used as an accessible technology to journey into non-ordinary states of consciousness to receive guidance. The evening will offer an experiential introduction to working with a basic shamanic technique and a moderated conversation on using digital media and VR as means to visualise and share these encounters into Non-Ordinary Reality.

Please bring:

  • A journal, note or sketchbook and pen/pencil for writing/drawing
  • An eye covering (eyeshade, scarf, bandana, etc)
  • You can sit-upright for any of the exercises, or bring a yoga mat or blanket

Light refreshments will be provided.


Due to the limited spaces available, we ask those who wish to join this event to email (subject line: Adventures in Non-Ordinary Reality) with a few sentences on why you wish to attend. The event is open to all and no prior knowledge or experience is required, only an interest in the subject and activities of the evening itself.


Michelle Kasprzak is an artist, curator and PhD candidate at the University of Porto and Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute on the subject of social innovation in extreme scenarios. Michelle has produced exhibitions at V2_ Institute for Unstable Media, Future Flux Festival, Dutch Electronic Art Festival, ZERO1 Biennial, Cornerhouse, New Media Scotland and was the producer of the 360° documentary Bailinha: O Mestre Calafate.


Season one of science technology society is in partnership with Gaia Art Foundation.

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Considering, intervening in, and speculating on the world and it’s possible futures


Victoria Scott

London: 14/10/2019 — 22/12/2019