Success of campaign to fund the documentation and bringing together of the history of performance art from the Arab world.

Photo from a performance by Tashweesh.

A statement from Aaron Cezar, Director of Delfina Foundation:

Thank you for your incredible support by backing Staging History. With contributions from 120 of you wonderful people, we exceeded our initial target on Kickstarter. Now we will begin this project with the aim of exceeding your expectations!

We plan to work with artists, curators, historians and our peers to document and bring together the history of performance art from the Arab world.

In July 2015, our first presentation of the research will take place in the form of an exhibition co-commissioned with Shubbak – London’s festival of contemporary Arab culture. (For backers, please log into Kickstarter to see Update #3, which includes confidential information about the potential venue and other developments).

We look forward to sharing this important research with the world, as well as the outcomes of the curatorial and artist residencies, which your support will make happen.

We are eternally grateful to every one of you who backed Staging History, from those who gave their symbolic support with £1 to those who demonstrated complete belief in this project by contributing up to £1,000. In addition to the backers listed on Kickstarter, we would also like to acknowledge those who gave via Delfina Foundation towards this campaign: Marwan Assaf, Joana Schliemann, Sheena Wagstaff, Midge Palley, Raghida Ghandour, Isabelle van den Eynde Gallery, Louise Liwanag, Rose Issa, Ibraaz, Hanan Sayed Worrell, Mona Khashoggi, and Jenny Hall.

To all of our backers, we will be in touch soon to keep you in the loop on our developments.

To everyone else, there may be other ways to get involved so stay tuned to our website where you can always make contributions to support our work.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the exhibition next July 2015.

Aaron Cezar
Delfina Foundation