Cláudio Bueno (Brazil) and Mahmoud Khaled (Egypt) present video works they initiated during their residencies at Delfina in a new exhibition in São Paulo.

Mahmoud Khaled, Proposal for a Porn Company, 2013. Installation view, Videobrasil Collection in Context #1.

Videobrasil in partnership with Delfina Foundation and Casa Tomada, selected artists Cláudio Bueno (Brazil) and Mahmoud Khaled (Egypt) to make new work in response to the Videobrasil collection. The work is now on display in the exhibition, Videobrasil Collection in Context #1, and is juxtaposed alongside the films that fed into the artists’ research from the collection.

The artists, selected via Open Call in 2012, began their research period together at Delfina Foundation in London during a 3 month residency before going to on the second stage of their residency with Casa Tomada in São Paulo to work in amongst the Videobrasil collection for a further 3 months.

Cláudio Bueno’s installation Estudo para Duelo, made in collaboration with Paula Garcia invites visitors to put on magnetized vests and walk down a six-meter long metallic hallway from opposing ends. Contact between the participants is prevented by the magnetic field created between the vests. According to the artist, the piece suggests analogies with the power fields that exist in day-to-day relationships, whether interpersonal, with spaces or with institutions. “Such forces, which aren’t seen, but felt in our bodies, can be interpreted as power, information, relationship etc.,” he asserts. The piece was created during Cláudio Bueno’s residency at the Delfina Foundation.

The three-channel video installation Proposal for a Porn Company, by Mahmoud Khaled, works with the universe explored by porn video production company MEN AT PLAY, which specializes in erotic storylines featuring male characters from the corporate and business world. Set in the city of São Paulo, where the artist undertook a residency at Casa Tomada, the videos seek out urban locations that could serve as settings for a hypothetical film by the company. The scenes are interspersed with audio and video excerpts from MEN AT PLAY films, which unfold and deconstruct the narrative structure of a porn production.


Videobrasil Collection in Context #1 is on display at Galpão VB | Associação Cultural Videobrasil in São Paulo

Exhibition Dates: 20 February – 19 March 2016