Vivian Caccuri, Mosquitos Also Cry, 2018. Frieze LIVE. Frieze Art Fair 2018. London. Photo by Linda Nylind.



Brazilian artist Vivian Caccuri investigates the physical, sociopolitical, and spiritual impact of sound, especially the unwanted or subaltern sounds.

Vivian was in-residence at Delfina Foundation in summer 2018. 


Mosquitoes Also Cry (2018), The Fever Hand (2019)

Caccuri’s illustrated lecture Mosquitos Also Cry (2018) is inspired by the mosquito and its relationship with humanity.  Mosquitos buzz to each other as a love call, but their buzz in the ears of humans, once understood, is now hated. Caccuri proposes delirious ways to re-bond with these insects.

A very unexpected connection between mosquitos and sugar plantations makes the 18th century a very unique moment for the Latin American psyche, health and music. The Fever Hand (2019) highlights historical moments of madness, disease, and psychedelia during the first yellow fever epidemics in Brazil to create a semi-fictional bond between mankind and mosquitos, which has been protected and empowered by sugar and yet to be transformed with new GMO mosquitos in the environment.

Watch an excerpt of Vivian’s performance of The Fever Hand here (from 07:52).


Read a conversation between the artist and Aaron Cezar in advance of the November programme on My Art Guides.


Vivian Caccuri’s participation in the performance programme of the 58th Venice Biennale of Art is supported by Frances Reynolds/Inclusartiz Institute.

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