Paul Maheke, Seeking After the Fully Grown Dancer ‘deep within’, 2016-2018. Performance. Photo Sandino Scheidegger


With a focus on dance and through a varied and often collaborative body of work comprising performance, installation, sound and video, Paul Maheke (France/UK) considers the potential of the body as an archive in order to examine how memory and identity is formed and constituted.


Seeking After the Fully Grown Dancer *deep within*, 2016-2018

Based on “Authentic Movement” dance technique Seeking After the Fully Grown Dancer *deep within* (2016-2018) explores notions of performativity and authenticity in the form of a dance where movement and speech intertwine.


Presented with support from Galerie Sultana
Collection of the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Other participating artists

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins 


Nástio Mosquito 

Florence Peake and Eve Stainton 

Victoria Sin

Zadie Xa

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