Nástio Mosquito, The Age I Don’t Remember. 2015. Photo Mark Blower.



Nástio Mosquito’s practice revolves around the theme of cultural inheritance, which, as a fusion of the past, present and future, runs counter to more static and limiting concepts like, tradition and identity. Intrigued by the potential and specificities of different verbal, musical and visual forms of language, the artist creates public performances in which politics and entertainment are rendered complementary elements.


No.One.Gives.A.Mosquito’s.Ass.About.Our.Performance, 2019

Are we all prisoners of our own hope? In this newly-commissioned work, Mosquito explores the tangibility of our individual dreams in relation to our collective state-of-mind. Who/what has power upon us? How can we maximize our capacities? Who/what do we actually care about? Through a series of guerrilla-style performances, five musicians wander in search of these answers, before coming together in climatic musical burst.

Watch an excerpt of this performance here (from 01:25).


Presented with support from JAHMEK Contemporary and Razwana Akram
A Nástio Mosquito Recipe
Music: Nástio Mosquito
Performed by: Nástio Mosquito & Ndu and The Available Ones

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