‘The Delfina Sessions’ is Delfina Foundation’s monthly show on Radio Alhara, featuring sets from our alumni across the world.

Initiated in January 2021, the one-hour show will be broadcast live from Bethlehem on the third Tuesday of every month at 6pm local time (4pm UK time).

Invited former Delfina Foundation artists and curators in-residence present varying music and sound mixes and works related to their own interests, practice and/or current passions.

Broadcasting an eclectic mix of music and discussions over the internet, Radio Alhara was founded in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read more about the station in coverage on ArtReview and Resident Advisor.

Upcoming editions


This four-part mini-series within Delfina Foundation’s ongoing monthly radio show on Radio Alhara, features invited guests and our own residents, as part of our autumn 2021 Collecting as Practice season, exploring the ways collections are shaped, maintained and framed.

September (Tues 21): The Record as Artwork. By guest Bhavisha Panchia [Listen back]
October (Tues 19): Hungry Listening. By artist-in-residence Ulrik Lopez [Listen back]
November (Tues 16): TBA
December (Tues 21): TBA

Past editions

August (Tues 17): RISING UP FROM HALITE. By Chiara Cartuccia and HUNITI GOLDOX (Areej Huniti and Eliza Goldox)
July (Tues 20): Sheila Chukwulozie (Nigeria)
June (Tues 08): Harun Morrison (UK associate) [Listen back]
May (Tues 18): Lydia Ourahmane (UK/Algeria) [Listen back]
April (Tues 20): Wok the Rock (Indonesia)
March (Tues 16): Alan Poma (Peru)
February (Tues 16): Vivian Caccuri (Brazil)
January (Tues 19): Merv Espina (The Philippines)

This article is regularly updated with schedule and details of each monthly show.

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