Derek Tumala, Porensiko ng Klimang Tropikal (Tropical Climate Forensics). Web-based exhibition. Museum of Contemporary Art & Design Manila (MCAD-Manila). Launching July 2022 (2-year project). Image prototype.

Autumn 2022

Since 2014, Delfina Foundation’s programme The Politics of Food has worked with artists, activists, agronomists, artisans, bakers, butchers, chefs, economists, farmers, fermenters, foragers, historians, scientists, policy makers, nutritionists and yet more related practitioners, to interrogate the ethics and the global and local politics of food production, distribution and consumption. To date over 100 UK and international practitioners have contributed to this programme, through residencies, research and organising opportunities for the wider public to engage and contribute to the programme by way of collective meals, exhibitions, performances, walks, talks, workshops, pickings and a pop-up cafe.

In Autumn 2022, Delfina Foundation commences its fifth season of residencies and public programming focusing on The Politics of Food. As the most pressing issue of our time, this iteration will take as its focus the climate emergency, engaging with it through the specific lens of eco-social interdependence. Through a wide range of activities, the programme’s participants will take food as their entry point to explore the interconnections between the ecological crisis and our economic, social, cultural, and political crises. The climate emergency is an interdependent one, thus addressing our relation to food and its complex infrastructures is a critical component to the survival of both human and non-human species.

Our programme partner for Politics of Food in 2022 is Gaia Art Foundation, an initiative which facilitates cross-disciplinary projects that foster innovation and positive social change. Additional programme support from Yuanbo Liu.


Wesam Al Asali

London: 08/10/2022 — 18/12/2022

Moza Almatrooshi

London: 19/09/2022 — 16/10/2022

Cocina CoLaboratorio

London: 19/09/2022 — 18/12/2022

L. Sasha Gora

London: 12/09/2022 — 09/10/2022

Joseph K. Kasau & Stéphane Kabila

London: 19/09/2022 — 18/12/2022

Erin Li

London: 23/06/2022 — 23/12/2022

Maya Marshak

London: 19/09/2022 — 18/12/2022

Åsa Sonjasdotter

London: 26/09/2022 — 20/11/2022

Derek Tumala

London: 19/09/2022 — 18/12/2022

UK Associates

David Blandy

London: 19/09/2022 — 18/12/2022

Agnes Cameron

London: 19/09/2022 — 18/12/2022

Annalee Levin

London: 19/09/2022 — 18/12/2022

Andrew Merritt

London: 19/09/2022 — 18/12/2022

Cherry Truluck

London: 19/09/2022 — 18/12/2022

Beth Kettel

London: 19/09/2022 — 18/12/2022

Public Programme

Wheatscapes and Culinary Ghosts


The Politics of Preservation


Weather update: now online




Polyphonic Bodies II

Tasting event

UK premiere: La Restanza + Q&A


Agrarianism and Revolution Reading Group: Public Session

Reading group

Tierra Sostenible (Sustainable Earth)

20/10/2022 — 15/12/2022

Gathering Storm

Game demonstration

Chemical, Organic, and Mixed: A speculative (re)visit to the soils of the Haughley Experiment

Field Trip

Soil Stories


At National Trust Quarry Bank


THE ANIMIST ALMANAC: rudimentary rhythms



Selected outcomes and documentation of the programme will be published on our PLATFORM and featured here.

Delfina Presents: Joseph K. Kasau and Stéphane Kabila

On art as a tool – not just to reflect, but also to act


Cultivating Stories

Exploring archive, soil memory and artistic collaboration

Residency Project

Enunciation and food artivism

Notes and thoughts

Residency Project

Recipes for slow disaster

How do we rethink and rebuild lost landscapes

Residency Project

Agrarianism and Revolutions

Tracing paths of thought

Residency Project

Delfina Presents: Derek Tumala

On climate, mutation and rice


Salt Stains: Appetites & Extinction

The Politics of Food: A podcast | Episode one


Mutate. Mutating. Mutant.

The Politics of Food: A podcast | Episode two


Qamar al-Din

The Politics of Food: A podcast | Episode three


Cherry Truluck: Malt, an oat flour macaron

A recipe from our UK associate artist

Residency Project

David Blandy: Gathering Storm

A collaborative world-building game – an outcome of research into colonial agricultural policies and legacies

Residency Project

Resident’s Room: Annalee Levin

Our UK associate artist reports from her ‘studio’ – a 17th century Somerset pub


Reading List: Politics of Food

Our residents and associates share their recommended reading