Victoria Scott, Cloud Breath, 2017-18. Detail from VR Environment.

Autumn 2019

science technology society is Delfina Foundation’s new thematic programme which seeks to support contemporary interdisciplinary approaches that consider, intervene in, and speculate on the world in which we live and its possible futures.

Providing a focused environment, this seasonal programme will foster collaborations between artists and other practitioners, incubate ideas and support the development of new projects which aim to make a tangible impact on our lives.

This first season of science technology society, takes place during autumn 2019 in partnership with Gaia Art Foundation, and is shaped by the research, interests and practices of our specially-selected international residents and UK associates, which include: how lived experience can be digitally captured; experiments with environmental data; and the relationship between technology and social structures.

Serving as a hub for the season’s evolving programme, the project space at Delfina will be transformed by PUP Architects to accommodate public and private discussions, presentations, workshops and experimentation around the pressing issues of our times.

This season is in partnership with Gaia Art Foundation.


Salik Ansari

London: 30/09/2019 — 22/12/2019

Burak Arikan

London: 07/10/2019 — 03/11/2019


London: 11/11/2019 — 22/12/2019

Kyriaki Goni

London: 28/10/2019 — 22/12/2019

Nick Laessing

London: 16/09/2019 — 22/12/2019


London: 16/09/2019 — 22/12/2019

Jeppe Ugelvig

London: 04/11/2019 — 22/12/2019

Jaro Varga

London: 16/09/2019 — 27/10/2019

Victoria Scott

London: 14/10/2019 — 22/12/2019

Gary Zhexi Zhang

London: 16/09/2019 — 22/12/2019

Public Programme

Trust Issues: A roundtable on art, decentralisation and emergent technocultures




Hydrogen utopia?


Adventures in Non-Ordinary Reality



Various outcomes and documentation of the programme will be posted here.

Delfina Presents: Matterlurgy

Discussing air pollution and using virtual reality to tell its stories


Nick Laessing: Plant Orbiter

Researching usership

Residency Project

Trust Issues

On art, decentralisation and emergent technocultures


In Conversation: Kyriaki Goni

On interspecies networks, affinities and affective infrastructures