Aseng Borang, Terms and Conditions Apply, 2020

Cyphering, vibrating

Autumn 2023

In street dance practices, a cypher is a space for practice and performance created by the momentary gathering of dancers together in a ring. In this collective endeavour, participants take turns to enter the centre of the ring and perform – improvising, sharing, playing, experimenting, responding – and to support on the side – providing encouragement, feedback, and drawing inspiration. Energy bounces and vibrates as one shifts between the roles of performer and audience.

This autumn, Delfina Foundation reactivates its periodic theme, Performance as Process. In its fifth iteration, this season draws on the culture and methodology of the cypher. Bringing together eight artists whose practices engage with performance – from Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, Vietnam, alongside two London-based practitioners – the residency and emergent public programme seek to operate as cyphers: a space of incubation, generation, exchange, and collectivity. Whilst promoting individual growth, this approach attempts to weave together supportive and fluid social structures – conducive to deeper connections and resonance.

This season is of Performance as Process is made possible through the support of M Art Foundation.

To find out more about each resident’s practice, please click the bios below.


Aseng Borang

London: 25/09/2023 — 17/12/2023

Lêna Bùi

London: 18/09/2023 — 10/12/2023

Michele Chu

London: 12/10/2023 — 11/02/2024

Yhuri Cruz

London: 23/10/2023 — 17/12/2023

Amiko Li

London: 25/09/2023 — 17/12/2023

Jazgul Madazimova

London: 25/09/2023 — 17/12/2023

Silvia Martes

London: 25/09/2023 — 06/12/2023

Jared Onyango

London: 25/09/2023 — 17/12/2023

This season’s residency supporters and partners include: Charles Wallace India Trust, Emami Art, Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, Instituto Inclusartiz, Mondriaan Fund, Nguyen Art Foundation, Untethered Magic, and Delfina Foundation’s regional patron networks for Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

Autumn 2023 season also includes artist-in-residence Md Fazla Rabbi Fatiq (not part of Performance as Process).

UK Associates

Yewande YoYo Odunubi

London: 25/09/2023 — 17/12/2023

Chris Penty Alvarez

London: 25/09/2023 — 17/12/2023

Public Programme

Cyphering, Vibrating, Emanating


Performances, screenings, and installations from our residents


Tearoom Relay – Pit Stop


Students of Frankfurt’s Städelschule present an afternoon of performances


Meet our residents


Get to know our ‘Performance as Process’ season residents



Selected outcomes and documentation of the programme will be published on our PLATFORM and featured here.

Studio Visit: Lêna Bùi

A theory of circular flow


Cyphering, Vibrating, Emanating

Highlights from a night of performances


In conversation: Jazgul Madazimova and Ella Finer

Lullabies and lamentations


Delfina Presents: Michele Chu

Exploring collective mourning