Oscar Santillan, The Whisperer, 2014.

Winter 2015

The first stage of Performance as Process brings together visual artists, curators, writers, film makers, and live art and other cultural practitioners to broadly explore how ‘performance’ – from daily routines to public protests to religious rituals – plays an inherent role in cultural production. The aim of the programme is to consider performance as a way of approaching and understanding the world, just as much as it is a medium of producing art or engaging with the public. Residents are invited to research, create new work, meet and collaborate, share skills, and reflect on the performative aspect of their artistic practice, which could range from ‘fine art’ or live art.

Gabriela Salgado was Delfina Foundation’s curatorial advisor to the residents over the 10-week programme from January to March 2015.

Performance as Process (Stage 1) follows our first thematic season The Politics of Food in Winter 2014 and our second season The Public Domain in Spring 2014. All programmes continue as undercurrents to our broader research and production at Delfina Foundation.

As part of Performance as Process, Delfina Foundation launched Staging Histories, a specific initiative to document the history of performance art from, and in relation to, the Arab world. The project has already produced two exhibitions: Echoes & Reverberations at Hayward Gallery Project Space and A Prologue to the Past and Present State of Things at Delfina Foundation.

Public Programme

Oscar Santillan: Afterword

11/02/2015 — 22/02/2015
New Commission

The Politics Of The Visible And The Invisible




The Mentalists


XIPE TOTEC PUNK, Gastro-Economic Performance


Performance As Process, Histories and Traces of a Shifting Field


The Centre For Dying On Stage #2


Echoes & Reverberations

23/06/2015 — 16/08/2015

A Prologue To The Past And Present State Of Things

02/06/2015 — 15/08/2015

International Residents

Álvaro Ugarte

London: 06/01/2015 — 16/03/2015

Bona Park

London: 06/01/2015 — 28/02/2015

Oscar Santillan

London: 06/01/2015 — 16/03/2015

Jean-Paul Kelly

London: 06/01/2015 — 16/03/2015

Yasmin Jahan Nupur

London: 17/02/2015 — 16/03/2015

Jumana Emil Abboud

London: 06/07/2015 — 20/07/2015

Benjamin Abras

London: 02/02/2015 — 16/03/2015

Kate Strain

London: 18/01/2015 — 28/01/2015

UK Associates

Gabriela Salgado

London: 06/01/2015 — 16/03/2015

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins

London: 06/01/2015 — 16/03/2015

Lawrence Lek

London: 06/01/2015 — 06/03/2015

I’m With You

London: 06/01/2015 — 16/03/2015

Young In Hong

London: 06/01/2015 — 16/03/2015


Explore selected outcomes and documentation of the programme.

A Prologue to the Past and Present State of Things

Installation photos from the exhibition exploring performance as a form of recording and re-writing history


BBC Arabic Tour of ‘A Prologue to the Past and Present State of Things’

Exploring performance as a form of recording and re-writing history


The Mentalists

Photos from an evening of performances held at Delfina Foundation