Priyanka D’Souza, It was then that Gregor decided with a firmness that only comes with experience, that he really did not like cockroaches, 2017. Gouache, siyah kalam, and charcoal on wasli paper. 7.5” x 24”.

Autumn 2021

The life and voice of objects

Running from September to December 2021, Delfina Foundation’s fourth season of Collecting as Practice brings together international and UK-based creative practitioners to explore the agency of artists and objects, unpacking the ways in which collections are shaped, maintained and framed.

Building on the themes from previous Collecting as Practice seasons, the programme is grounded in current and urgent debates around representation, restitution and contentious heritage. Using means such as fiction and performativity to unpack histories and violences of colonial collections the residents examine links between ethnographic and natural history collections, disability, environmental and capitalist paradigms; questioning who has the right to categorise, interpret, preserve and propose alternative future lives for objects.

As the programme’s associate curator Rose Lejeune will collaborate with the Delfina team to realise this season, in which the international and UK associate artists and curators will be working in collaboration with UK and international institutions, archives and collections, incubating durational research, challenging institutional strategies and creating new work.

The season’s public programme will showcase the outcomes of our UK associate artists alongside a series of other events.

International residents

Hera Chan

London: 24/09/2021 — 24/10/2021

Musquiqui Chihying

London: 20/09/2021 — 19/12/2021

Priyanka D’Souza

London: 20/09/2021 — 19/12/2021

Rado Ištok

London: 20/09/2021 — 17/10/2021

Ulrik Lopez

London: 27/09/2021 — 19/12/2021

Nolan Oswald Dennis

London: 20/09/2021 — 19/12/2021

UK associates

Khairani Barokka

London: 17/05/2021 — 19/12/2021

Shiraz Bayjoo

London: 17/05/2021 — 19/12/2021

Harun Morrison

17/05/2021 — 19/12/2021

Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong

London: 20/09/2021 — 19/12/2021

Public programme

Further public programme events will be published soon.

Anthropomorphic Trouble

20/11/2021 — 21/11/2021

Show and re-tell


Hungry Listening


The Record as Artwork



Selected outcomes and documentation of the programme will be published on our PLATFORM and featured here.

Resident’s Room: Priyanka D’Souza

Our artist-in-residence introduces her practice, interests and current experimentations


Collecting as Practice x Radio Alhara

Listen back to the episodes in our four-part mini-series in partnership with Radio Alhara


Delfina Presents: Rado Ištok

Considering heritage, collections and what artefacts in Slovakia might reveal about the country itself


Please follow the link to view all autumn 2021 season residents (including those not working under the Collecting as Practice programme).