Gala Porras-Kim, 109 west Mexico ceramics from the LACMA collection: Colima Index, 2017. Graphite, color pencil, and ink on paper mounted on canvas, mahogany artist’s frame. 73.5 x 133.5 x 3 in (187 x 339 x 8 cm)

Spring 2021

Restitution and the rights of objects

Running from May to July 2021, Delfina Foundation’s third iteration of Collecting as Practice brings together international and UK-based creative practitioners to explore the agency of artists and objects, unpacking the ways in which collections are shaped, maintained and framed.

Grounded in current and urgent debates around representation and restitution, the selected Collecting as Practice participants offer nuanced approaches to the remediation of colonial and contentious heritage, using means such as the poetics of language to unpack complex traumas and proposing new forms of commemoration. Their practices reconsider Western notions of conservation and ownership in relation to communities and spiritual rights of objects. Addressing and studying the archive and museological systems of categorisation they question who has the right to describe and identify.

Once again, Delfina Foundation has invited Rose Lejeune to collaborate with our team to realise this season, in which the international and UK associate artists will be working in collaboration with UK and international institutions, archives and collections, incubating durational research, challenging institutional strategies and laying the foundations for future interventions. The season’s residency programme will also give rise to a diverse public programme, and these outcomes will be expanded on in Collecting as Practice Season 4 in autumn 2021 featuring additional artists and public programming.

International residents

Fernanda D’Agostino Dias

London: 03/05/2021 — 19/09/2021

Fehras Publishing Practices

London: 17/06/2021 — 11/07/2021

Philipp Gufler

London: 03/05/2021 — 01/08/2021

Gelare Khoshgozaran

London: 31/05/2021 — 27/06/2021

Jen Kratochvil

London: 31/05/2021 — 27/06/2021

Gala Porras-Kim

London: 03/05/2021 — 27/06/2021

UK associates

Khairani Barokka

London: 17/05/2021 — 19/12/2021

Shiraz Bayjoo

London: 17/05/2021 — 19/12/2021

Harun Morrison

17/05/2021 — 19/12/2021

Public programme

Visualising the archive: Arabic publishing during the Cold War


Projection on the Crisis


With Philipp Gufler and Irene Revell

Screening and conversation


Selected outcomes and documentation of the programme.

Delfina Presents: Gala Porras-Kim

Considering the lives of historical objects within institutions


Studio Visit: Philipp Gufler

Juliet Jacques and our artist-in-residence discuss loss, memory, commemoration and resistance as tenets of Philipp’s practice


Presenting: Khairani Barokka

UK associate artist 2021


Resident’s Room: Fernanda D’Agostino Dias

Our fellow takes us behind-the-scenes at Tate to share her research into four works in the collection


Studio Visit: Fehras Publishing Practices

On the collective transforming dry and incomplete archives into generative and speculative stories