Courtesy of Jamal Sterrett

Delfina Foundation is pleased to share the details of an evening of performances, inspired by street dance and declaring the fluidity of identities, curated by Erin Li.

Taking place from 19:30-21:30 on Thursday 1 December at Whitechapel Gallery, Polyphonic Bodies has been organised by Delfina Foundation resident, Asymmetry Curatorial Fellow Erin Li. Erin began her six-month placement in Whitechapel Gallery’s exhibition department in June, supported by Asymmetry Art Foundation and is in-residence at Delfina Foundation for the duration of this fellowship.

Exploring street dance as an embodiment of the identity in flux, this “gallery takeover” brings together artists from disparate backgrounds, who seamlessly blend sonic and dance styles, including Algo Au, Chandenie Gobardhan, Chris Zhongtian Yuan & Ella Frost, Duane Nasis, and Jamal Sterrett.

In a series of seamless performances, each flowing into the next, these artists will activate the public spaces in and around Whitechapel Gallery, guidingthe audience on a metamorphic journey.

Performance begins at 7.30 and will last roughly 50 minutes, followed by live beats from Ifeoluwa. Please note that capacity in some spaces is limited.