Cooking Sections, residents of our Politics of Food season, present a special installation and performative programme in Delfina Foundation’s booth at the fair.

Cooking Sections, Floods Rats White Ants All Seem To Conspire Against Us, 2016.

At India Art Fair 2016, Cooking Sections will present a special installation and performative programme in Delfina Foundation’s booth (IE3). Cooking Sections will create an experience that allows visitors to observe, smell, discuss and taste the remains of the British Empire. In a new site-specific work, Floods, Rats, White Ants, All Seem To Conspire Against Us, the duo will investigate the remains of the imperial Salt and Sugar Hedge in India, and the role of invasive species in the laws of the forest.

Cooking Sections will also be in conversation with Delfina Foundation director Aaron Cezar about the project at the fair on Saturday 30 January from 12.30-1.15pm.

The works presented by Cooking Sections are part of a longer-term project The Empire Remains, which explores the infrastructure and cultural imaginaries that were set up by the British Empire to promote the food and agricultural industry between home and overseas territories at the beginning of the 20th century. The Empire Remainsattests the ways global food networks have evolved until today, tracing the contemporary history of imperial bananas, sugar, tobacco, cacao, fruits, spices, condiments as well as the new economies and visions that emerged out of them. Delfina Foundation is delighted to partnering with Cooking Sections on their forthcoming project, the Empire Remains Shop as part of our forthcoming The Politics of Food programme, Markets and Movements. Taking the original Empire Shop in London as a reference, the Empire Remains Shop will take the form of a project space hosting an exhibition programme of installations, performances and events.

Delfina Foundation is also running an open call for Indian artists to participate in our next programme on The Politics of Food in partnership with Charles Wallace India Trust and Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation.  Please click here for more information.


We are tremendously grateful to Amrita Jhaveri, Vishal Mehta, Lekha Poddar, Tarana Sawhney and Katya Terebenina for their support of this new commission.