New Delfina Foundation exhibition at ICA, London

Delfina Foundation is delighted to announce Points of Departure, a group exhibition and public programme that culminates a year of collaboration with ArtSchool Palestine, the British Council and the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA). The first outcomes of Points of Departure were presented in Ramallah in January-February 2013 and will travel in a different and  expanded form to the ICA, as one of the highlights of the next Shubbak Festival in London, summer 2013. The event will be one of Delfina Foundation’s off-site projects during our renovation in 2013.

Points of Departure will feature new commissions resulting from residencies in London and Ramallah by British and Palestinian artists. Devised with two curators-in-residence, Mirna Bamieh and Rebecca Heald, the works in Points of Departure are a thoughtful exploration of the anthropological concept of liminality. From the Latin word līmen, meaning ‘a threshold’, liminality is a condition in which one’s sense of identity is diffused, leading not only to states of dislocation and disorientation, but also to the possibility of new perspectives.  Residencies can also be understood as a ‘liminal’ state between time and place. But what happens when the liminality of the residency is entwined with a place like Palestine, which is defined by its own political ambiguity and contestation?

The presentation in Ramallah will be at Al Mahatta Gallery, opening on 15 January 2013 and running until 7 February 2013 (Mon-Thur, 11:00-19:00).  The London exhibition, running from 26 June to 21 July 2013, is supported using public funding by National Lottery through Arts Council England and throught the generous support of Rana Sadik & Samer Younis, the Czech Centre, Sula Wines and Caspian Arts Foundation as educational partner.


ArtSchool Palestine
British Council


Public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


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