7 June 2016

A presentation of performances from our Performance as Process season international artists-in-residence Alex Mirutziu, Stephen Kwok, Luísa Nóbrega, and Syowia Kyambi.

These performances took place throughout the house during the evening event Transpositions, with the theme of translation as a central focus of each work. Artists presented both new, developed works at the Foundation, alongside a selection of previous pieces conceived prior to their residencies at Delfina.


Alex Mirutziu  (Photos 1 – 5)
Was joined by Joshua Hubbard for his performance, Stay[s] against Confusion. Alex also showed a video piece Where is the poem (2013) in the Delfina library alongside a video work by Stephen entitled Into It (2013).

Syowia Kyambi (Photos 6 -10)
Performed a preview of the latest stage of her ongoing work, Between Us. The full performance will be shown in Dresden later this year.

Stephen Kwok (Photos 11 – 15)
Presented a new work, developed during his residency, which used an interactive synthesiser and orange lighting to induce nervousness. He also presented a number of videos from his Recreational Meeting series.

Luisa Nobrega (Photos 16 – 22)
Performed tsunami, an endurance piece in which she simultaneously signed and sang, this took place continuously over the course of eight hours.