2 November 2020

“I brought these shiny catalogues with me from Seoul. They are from my recent solo exhibition at SongEun ArtSpace, Walk in the Sun. The catalogue is a record of my year-long journey in 2018. I have made a trip from the Arctic to Antarctica. When I packed for my residency at Delfina Foundation, these publications were a high priority in my packing list as I wanted to give them as gifts to my friends and colleagues across Europe. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, I won’t be able to do the travels I planned, so I will post them soon.”

“This photo is a kind of record of my past few weeks in London. I found The Ocean Guide in the Delfina library. This little blue book caught my eye as I’m very interested in geography. This book introduces visions, actions, researches and dreams about water from multiple perspectives, including scientists, oceanographers, activists, artists, poets, architects, cooks, farmers, fishermen. The plant next to the book was a gift from a former student of mine in Korea who is now doing her Masters here in London. It seems many people left this city but other still arrive.”

“2020 has been full of uncertainty, from the beginning till now. I’ve been thinking about this historical event ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Korea, which began from a particular religious community. I have been thinking about how there is some sort of connection between the invisibility both of the virus and this religion. The images on the wall are of some locations I hoped to travel to for research during my stay in the UK, but again, unfortunately, that now faces the uncertainty as the UK goes into a second lockdown. I hope to be able to do some of this work in the near future. At the moment, I actually feel very lucky as I can experience a really specific time in another country.”

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Photos artist’s own.

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Sejin Kim

London: 28/09/2020 — 20/12/2020