19 October 2020

“During my residency I will begin work on a new piece examining the relationship between virtual reality and dream reality, investigating how technology affects dreams. I just got my new VR headset which I will use for this, making 3D drawings/sculptures based on dreams about technology. I also brought with me my 360′ camera that captures spherical images (which I used to take the photo of me in my room) and I might use it to bring photographic elements into the 3D world.”

“These are the books I brought with me to Delfina to read as part of my research for my work: Meeting the Universe Halfway by Karen Barad, Staying with the Trouble by Donna Haraway and Dreaming Souls by Oven Flagan. They are lying on the top of my favourite hand-knitted blanket that I have used in previous performance works. I brought it with me to keep warm and feel at home, but also because it reminds me of a different way of understanding the development of technology – where crafted items rather than weapons were the first tools.”

“This is the first drawing I made with my VR headset. The final work will probably be a VR experience with drawings, EEG recordings of brain waves while dreaming and some storytelling through audio. I’m looking forward to spending the next few months here at Delfina Foundation to do research and get deeper into the subject, spending time inside the virtual drawing world and seeing where the process takes me.”

Find out more about Rut Karin’s practice and residency as part of our thematic programme, science_technology_society here.

Photos artist’s own.

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