31 May 2021

“This is a picture of me in my room here at Delfina Foundation. I brought this poster with me and put it up when I arrived at the beginning on May. Lana Kaiser is a German singer and entertainer (1985–2018) who came to fame as a participant in the first season of the Idol television franchise in Germany. Just before coming to London I finished a work about her; a personal portrait in the form of a video installation and artist book. It will premiere at a group exhibition at HDK Munich in mid-June.”

“Since 2013 I have been an active member of the self-organised Forum Queeres Archiv München. Whenever I travel, I always take a copies of my artist books with me. The book with the purple cover here is Quilt #01-#30 and presents a series of my quilt works – silkscreen printed fabrics (2013–ongoing). This series references artists, writers, LGBTIQ+ magazines and lost queer spaces, which I often discover through my archival research, and which are often omitted from mainstream history books. During my residency at Delfina Foundation I am planning to visit a number of UK-based grassroots archives.”

“A recurring starting point in my practice is literature. For 15 years I have hand written excerpts from books alongside my own thoughts on index cards to remember them. I now have a stack of a couple of thousands of cards. I have brought some them with me to London and I continue to add to them.”

“During my residency at Delfina Foundation, I want to look closely at the life of British footballer Justin Fashanu (1961–1998). He was the first black footballer to command a £1 million transfer fee, with his move from Norwich City to Nottingham Forest in 1981. Fashanu came out publicly in 1990, becoming the first professional footballer to be openly gay.”

Philipp Gufler is an artist-in-residence during Delfina Foundation’s spring 2021 thematic programme Collecting as Practice. His residency is supported by Mondriaan Fonds.

Photos artist’s own.

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