26 October 2020

Artist-in-residence Manauara¬†Clandestina (Brazil) gives us an insight into her practice and current interests through three things in her Delfina Foundation room. Manauara’s residency is¬†supported by Frances Reynolds/Institute Inclusartiz.


“I have been in residence at Delfina Foundation for 6 weeks now. My room is at the top of the four-story old townhouse. During the 14-day quarantine we had to do on arrival in London I often felt like a lonely princess. Now that has changed a lot.”


“The neighbourhood here is peaceful and quiet, very different from me and my Latin soul that moves to music played loud and clear! In this space however, I can organise my work material, which includes polaroid photos and other files. And this is where my body also rests.”


“This sign, which I stuck on my bedroom wall at Delfina Foundation, was made by my mother when I arrived back in my hometown of Manaus, Amazonas after five years away. Below it is a photo of me as a kid, in a huge pool, held by my dad.”


Find out more about Manauara’s practice here.