16 March 2022

“I am now approaching the end of my first-ever residency. My departure for London in January came at the end of a long and intense period in which I was working on a series of large-scale hand-sewn painted canvases for a solo show that opened at the end of last year. Being able to use this period at Delfina Foundation as a time for research and reflection on my past works and future projects has been an invaluable gift.”

“During these past months I have taken a deep and satisfying dive into one of the National Art Library’s Special Collections, on the art and craft of the book. I was stunned to be able to observe these rare bookbindings so closely, to be able to hold them and take pictures of them. It being so vast, I focused my research in the archive to Doves Press, a private press founded in 1893 in Hammersmith, London. Every Wednesday (the only day the library is open), I had access to books, typographies and bindings, in all their details, material which I know will nourish my practice for a long time on my return.”

“Literature is the main source of inspiration to my practice, in which I seek to represent optical phenomena related to memory and language. I didn’t bring any books with me because I knew that I would end up buying many here. This is a photo of my desk with all the books and postcards I have accumulated during my residency. I am delighted to see these two collections grow.”

“I brought two things with me from Greece: a 6×6 Hasselblad camera and a squared paper notebook. It’s come as no surprise to me that I haven’t used the camera a lot. It is much more practical to take photos at the National Art Library with my phone, but I can’t help it – I’m always taking this camera with me when I am away from home for a long time. The notebook was a birthday gift, and I wasn’t aware when I received it that it would come to be the most beautiful company at times when I want to slow down and think about nothing. I am inventing patterns in this notebook, which interestingly resemble some of those I have come across in my research at the National Art Library.”

Karolina Krasouli (Greece/France) is an artist-in-residence during Delfina Foundation’s winter 2022 season. Her residency is supported by ARTWORKS.

Photos artist’s own.