5 October 2020

Resident artist Bruno Baptistelli (Brazil) gives us insight into his practice and current interests through three items ‘in’ his Delfina Foundation room.


Yesterday, on my way to see the Elizabeth Price Artangel exhibition, I found this newspaper on the seat of the underground. Institutional racism is also a hot topic right now in Brazil (with A Little Antiracist Handbook by Djamila Ribeiro a 2020 bestseller) and so its interesting to see it is a public conversation here too and I’m looking forward to learning about the particular approach in London. Given my own connection to psychoanalysis, I don’t think it’s really possible that we can address racism without reviewing our own subjectivity.


I arrived in London 2 weeks prior of the start of my residency programme at Delfina in order to quarantine. Over that period I listened to a lot more music than usual and I realised that in fact I had already made some work where music makes an appearance. When I got the invitation to come to London I started thinking that would be great to understand the UK rap scene, it roots and relation to migration. Pa Salieu is a new artist that I found since I arrived.


In general, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, I have been listening to more music, so when the Delfina team asked me for a few images for this piece, Frank Ocean’s track In My Room immediately came mind, so I flick it on.


Find out more about Bruno’s practice and residency here.