Presenting from Untethered Magic, the collective she helped found in Nairobi, Syowia Kyambi discusses the space and her recent works involving Kaspale, a character she devised as a tool to intervene in colonial spaces and to speak about difficult subjects.

This video formed part of our July 2021 Family Lunch: Home Delivery – a digital transformation of our treasured in-person Family Lunches, which allowed us to continue to share food, ideas and cultural practices throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video shot by Kibe Wangunyu, Untethered Magic. Edited and produced by Kibe Wangunyu and Syowia Kyambi.

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Family Lunch: Home Delivery – July 2021

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Syowia Kyambi

London: 04/04/2016 — 26/06/2016

Performance as Process: Syowia Kyambi

Navigating questions of communal identity, the state, self-censorship