Screened on Tues 21 & Thurs 23 April, 6-8pm (GMT+1)

This new video (6 min) presents a true story, about land expropriation and the struggles for territorial control in the interior of Brazil. It was filmed at the end of 2019 in one such interior state, the state of Goiás, and I edited and developed the work during my residency at Delfina Foundation in London.

The footage is accompanied by a soundtrack of a Capoeira master playing the berimbau. Capoeira is a popular Afro-Brazilian martial art which I myself practice and the berimbau is an important and sacred single-stringed musical instrument used in capoeira music. For me, the sound of the berimbau tells a moving tale of resistance, struggle and resilience over history.

– Artist-in-residence, Paul Setúbal, 21 April 2020

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