27 April – 20 June 2014

To compliment the residencies that form part of The Public Domain, Delfina Foundation transformed its project space into an open studio for two months, featuring finished artworks, research materials, films and videos serving as starting points for the investigations taking place at Delfina Foundation.

Bringing arts practitioners and the public together in the context of the open studio, Delfina Foundation sought to explore how creative strategies have and can be used to address wide-ranging issues related to the commons and public space, both the real and the imagined, from the city square to the computer screen.

As an evolving exhibition of artworks and works-in-programme, the list of participating artists and works changed over time includes: Azin FeizabadiDecolonizing Architecture Art Residency, Carlos Felipe Guzmán, Işıl EğrikavukMaxime HouraniForensic OceanographyRene Gabri & Ayreen AnastasYoung in HongMosireen CollectiveAhmet ÖğütLarissa Sansour and Keg de Souza.