Installation photos taken in late September 2019.

Plant Orbiter is an auto-rotating hydroponic food production system which puts to test the NASA theory that plant growth and yield can be increased through subjecting plants to anti-gravity conditions. The project also engages with questions surrounding the future of urban food production and the role of technology in self-sufficiency. 

Installed at Delfina Foundation for the duration of the autumn 2019 science technology society programme, UK Associate Nick Laessing will continue to test and develop the machine working with the team and residents at Delfina. This research will contribute towards a publication reflecting on the experience of ‘usership’, which is also informed by the experience of the hosting the orbiter at Delfina Foundation during the spring 2019 season under the thematic programme, Politics of Food.

Over the season the food grown in the orbiter will be harvested and used in the Delfina Foundation kitchen.

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Nick Laessing

London: 16/09/2019 — 22/12/2019

Season 1