25 May 2021

ساعة التشفع | an hour of intercession

“We have called on our communities to stand in solidarity and to move with us in prayer. As part of this intercession are recordings from our brothers and sisters in Ramallah, Palestine; Oran, Algiers, Boudjima, L’Ayaida, Tizi Ouzou, and Boughni, Algeria; Tunis, Djerba, Tunisia; Marrakech, Morocco; Tripoli, Libya; Beirut and Sidon, Lebanon.”

Amidst the horror of the latest escalation of destruction, devastation, and violation of international law in occupied Palestine, Lydia Ourahmane (Delfina Foundation artist-in-residence, 2016) and Sarah Ourahmane gathered communal prayers, spoken in both love and solidarity with the Palestinian people – from communities stretching from Algiers to Sidon – and wove them together to offer this hour of intercession.

This audio piece was originally commissioned by Delfina Foundation from Lydia and Sarah Ourahmane for the May 2021 edition of the monthly The Delfina Sessions slot on Radio Alhara, as part of the station’s Sonic Liberation Front. Following its broadcast on Tuesday 18 May 2021 the sisters re-edited the work and gave permission for it to be made permanently available on the Delfina Platform as part of the May 2021 edition of our Family Lunch: Home Delivery.

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