7 September 2016

Our Summer 2016 public programme The Politics of Food: Markets and Movements culminated in a long-weekend of events and activities organised by our resident and associate artists in collaboration with various other practitioners and contributors.

Over the weekend the Delfina house was opened to the public, with our artists hosting a pop-up cafe. On the opening night, Kathrin Böhm screened the premiere of her latest film Foregin Pickers commissioned by Delfina Foundation. Kathrin also provided soft juices and cider courtesy of Company Drinks, a co-operatively-run drinks company based in Dagenham. Laura Wilson and Jane Levi made malted bar snacks based on their own research projects, and Cooking Sections supplied icecream flavoured with invasive species of plants.

Delfina Foundation also invited a number of former artists to contribute; Kate Rich negotiated an 18-month contract to supply the cafe and foundation with coffee beans transported via the Feral Trade network; and the furniture that filled the cafe was made by Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad who used reclaimed bakery trays and scraps of wood, common materials found in street markets across the UK.

The cafe space also hosted displays of some of the artists’ current projects; Laura Wilson showed archive material from Veda Bakeries Ltd., Thomas Pausz showed some of the instruments he has made as part of the Dandelion Full-Use project and his Invisible Gardening workshop, and Fernando Garcia-Dory presented a conceptual map of his INLAND project. Deepa Bhasthi (Forager Collective) of Forager Collective, Tomáš Uhnák, Thomas Pausz, and Jane Levi used the space to host daily £3 community meals.