As part of the public programme for Collecting as Practice, this event (24 July 2017) explored the relationships that are formed between collectors and artists.

Collector-in-residence Pedro Barbosa and artist-in-residence Deyson Gilbert discuss their long-term collaboration exploring ephemera – posters, artists’ books and vinyl albums – produced by conceptual artists in the 1960s and 70s that form a substantial part of the Moraes-Barbosa Collection.

Taking this collaboration as a starting point – and emphasising the potential of collecting as a site of encounter which privileges the creation of social relations between people, rather than the production and display of objects – we explore modes of exchange and interaction and discuss how the intimate relations might point to new understandings of the connection between art collection, production, and distribution.

The event also included a performance by Deyson Gilbert, which can be watched here.